10 Things Sellers Can Do To Improve Curb Appeal

house-free_clip_art_500Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression and first impressions matter.  The outside of your house says a lot to potential buyers before they even walk in the door.  There are easy ways to clean and freshen up the exterior of your home that don’t require lots of money and time.

Improve Curb Appeal With These Steps

  1. Front door – why not paint your front door a cheery red or yellow so that it stands out when the buyer arrives.  They will always refer to it as “the house with the bright front door”!  Always good when they remember your home.
  2. Make sure front door color compliments the trim and the rest of the house.  Does the house need a fresh coat of paint to add some dazzle from the street?
  3. Lighting – make sure the lighting at the front of the house is in good shape and works.  Get rid of spider webs on outdoor lighting fixtures.
  4. Add flower boxes or pots with colorful flowers to the front of your home or around your door.
  5. Cut back overgrown plants and bushes and tidy up the garden.
  6. Check to make sure your address is visible from the street.
  7. Replace old hardware on the front door.
  8. Check your mailbox.  Do you need a new one or does the current one need cleaning.
  9. Always keep your grass cut and edges trimmed.  Neat grass certainly adds curb appeal.
  10. Make sure driveway is tidy and toys and barbecues are put away.

Need Help Preparing Your House For Sale?

Need more ideas for preparing your house for potential buyers?  Call me at 239-601-3174 or contact me and I can help you with ideas to make your home more appealing to buyers.  The more appealing your home appears, the less time you will be listed for sale and you can make the move you want to make.

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine!

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