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ToastyinNaples Realty Thank You to All Healthcare Workers

April 13, 2020


I hope you don’t mind me invading your email for a few minutes and, hopefully, giving you a break in another monotonous day.  Except, of course, if you are one of the many essential frontline workers during this awful period in our generation.  If you are on the frontline, please know that I am thinking of you here in Naples Florida and wishing you and your families the very best wishes while you fight to save the lives of citizens across the country.

Naples Florida is doing alright so far or, the new word my sister and I have coined for this time, okish.  When people ask how we are we say okish, because we are not sick thank goodness, but we are missing the details and fun of our daily lives and making do as best we can.  You are welcome to adopt our word if you think it would help you answer the how are you question!  The most sensible thing I have seen so far in Collier County is Publix has designated all their aisles as one way.  It doesn’t stop everyone from going the wrong way but does help to keep the six-foot distance from most people.  I think they should have adopted this right at the beginning of the pandemic.  Unfortunately, we still have a lot of people not obeying the physical distancing rules which make buying groceries like a dodgeball event as I try to maneuver my cart and keep six feet away from all the people coming at me!
Many customers have asked me how I see the future for Southwest Florida and I think, like most of you, I am just waiting to see when, and if, life gets back to normal.  We will always have the sunshine and the beaches and they will still be here when you are able to visit again.  And I will still be here to help you when we see the end of this terrible virus.  Life may not look the same in the future but we can all adapt and make the new look as good or better than the old one.

Please stay safe in your homes and areas of the country you live.  One day this will be over and we can meet again under much-improved circumstances. I am thinking of all of you, hope you are safe and staying sane through this isolation.

Christine Lovett