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See How Easily You Can Buy a New Home in Naples Florida

February 3, 2013

Don’t live here and can’t leave your busy life to fly down for a long weekend?  You know that you need to get into the market and invest your money now before the prices go up and price you out.  You want to purchase that retirement home now so that in five years when you […]

How to Rent Out Your Naples Florida Home In 6 Easy Steps

February 3, 2013

Own a home in Naples that you never have time to use?  Does it sit empty all year while you work hard to pay the association fees and taxes?  Do the repair bills keep arriving in the mail even though you haven’t enjoyed the home in months?  Are you tearing out your hair trying to […]

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Benefits To You Of An Agent Who Works By Referral

January 27, 2013

Although I love the leads that come from my internet presence, a lot of my business comes from referrals from past customers.  I strive to build positive business relationships with people I admire and respect and who value the service I provide. BENEFITS TO MY CUSTOMERS YOU control my business Relationships are more important than […]

Is Now The Time To Invest In Naples Florida Real Estate?

January 27, 2013

My answer is a definite YES! Many buyers have waited too long to purchase real estate expecting that they will know the minute the market hits bottom.  Unfortunately it is impossible to judge the exact time the bottom of the market occurs.  But the main goal should be to find the best time for you […]

Is Parking Available At Naples Beaches?

January 27, 2013

In the busy months of season people think that they can’t enjoy the beach unless they live within walking distance.  However, Naples has improved parking at many of the beach areas and now everyone can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach even if they have to drive. NON-RESIDENT BEACH PARKING PERMIT is available for people […]